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Global Discovery is a small company solely owned and run by me, Peter J Taylor. I have spent over 32 years learning and practising the art and techniques of water surveying diversifying years later into oil & gas exploration and research and minerals and precious metals worldwide and to understand the various differences between them this is why you have to be dedicated in this type of work which is supported by references which are also on all three of my websites.

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Updates 2016

This is the time to look for alternative ways of locating mineral deposits such as diamonds and gold than the traditional ways. My methods can locate remotely the locations and then a site visit to firm up the locations the same as I did at Clogau Gold Mine which I have proven to them my ability in locating gold which I know I can do the same for you with my method. It does not matter which part of the world you live in I can help you as you will see on the chart of the many countries I have already located new mineral sites such as gold Platinum and diamond locations which I can explore for you.

- with full references from genuine gold mine companies

Cut down the risk of failure and improve the success rate for your Company exploration professional gold consultant service.

Important message to all exploration companies large and small involved in locating precious metals such as gold, platinum, diamond deposits etc.

 I have for many years been developing a method on how to locate gold, silver and other precious metals such as gold, platinum and diamond hot spot locations worldwide.

To date, THROUGH REMOTE SURVEYING as I have done at Clogau gold Mine North Wales where I found 2 gold deposits plus a gold pod containing 260 ounces of Welsh gold, by using the same method I have located 132 locations of potential gold fields and mineralised deposits around the world, such as 44 diamond fields and 10 platinum deposits.  Click here to see (updated January 2016)

26 of these gold locations are in the UK. These locations do not include what I found for Clogau Gold Mine who I helped in the 90's.

Depths and quantities can be given for these potential gold and diamond fields also platinum deposits upon request, I will be prepared to reveal the locations upon agreeing terms and conditions. These locations are separate to clients in Turkey and Canada who I have worked for and located sites for them in the past searching for gold deposits/fields.

Remote surveying of the sites includes the size and shape of each field, including structures, faults and fractures etc. Depths and quantities as well as the feasibility of the gold ore field are included. Also the diamond fields as well as platinum deposits are also included. Once the sites are located by remote surveying and it is confirmed that there are sufficient deposits to justify a site visit then the client can go ahead and get the licence and a site visit by me can be arranged which will help to confirm the map surveying results. This will help your company in saving money on licensed areas where there may not be any mineral deposits present to explore.

If you wish further confirmation of my ability in locating faults, fractures and shatter zones beneath the ground remotely and on site plus mineral deposits please see testimonials above or contact me direct. 

Why choose Global Discovery?

  • Proven success in locating gold deposits - please see references above
  • Use Global Discovery in conjunction with your geologist
  • On site I can indicate accurately the size of the gold and precious metal deposits
  • Fully insured
  • locate the best area to drill to obtain the gold
  • 30 years of experience - my long established company 'Global Discovery' has been quietly and efficiently finding gold for clients for years.
  • Ability to find alluvial and primary gold deposits.
  • Do not miss this great opportunity to get your site surveyed remotely for hotspots regarding mineralization zones
  • This will give you the edge on your competitors it will also guide you to the richest areas on your site

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Clogau Gold Mine

I spent over 3 years research and practicing before I was approached in 1996 by the Manager of Clogau who noticed me dowsing and invited me to the mine. Over an 18 month period I was successful in finding three separate deposits of gold for the Company.More...

As you will be well aware seismic work is very expensive and the price of gold and diamonds is now so low it is making it virtually uneconomic because of the huge costs involved in the exploration side. I can do this work, give you a guide on where the gold and diamonds will be, the depth, the quantity and the recoverability for less of the cost of the seismic. The other advantage in using my special talents is that I will be able to determine whether it is gold and diamonds or both. The seismic graphs only indicates that there is an anomaly there but it does not say what the anomaly is, whether it is water, or a large hollow cavern beneath the ground or gold and diamonds. So when drilling takes place it is still a risk of 50/50 using seismic research information even after spending millions of pounds to get that far.

Worldwide exploration for Gold

Are you considering the options of locating old gold mines anywhere in the world now that the price of gold is so high? Do you have no idea where the gold might be within the old workings? Maybe you are an existing gold mine company looking to find new exploration areas for gold and precious metals? More...

Prospecting for Primary and Alluvial Gold around the World by Remote and Site Surveying

For the past 3 years I have been involved in research which has  enabled me to harmonise my methods with the computer.  This technique allows me to zoom into locations anywhere in the world. I have remotely surveyed areas such as Sudan, Yemen, Namibia, South Africa and the UK  to locate hotspot zones for gold deposits. If you click on the link "Prospecting for Gold"  you'll see all of the countries so far that I have  worked on and located remotely;  in many cases this has been confirmed - for example with the Testimonials on my gold website. Gold Mine Companies who may be interested in my method of remote surveying and then site surveying in any of these countries mentioned please contact me I will be prepared to reveal the locations upon agreeing terms and conditions. I am still researching further potential gold, Primary and Alluvial hotspot targets around the world. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

Peter also finds Oil

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